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Water-based coatings for interiors

Featuring extremely low VOC emissions, water-based wood coatings for interiors are the ideal choice for clear and pigmented surfaces with excellent chemical and physical resistance, without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

The ILVA water-based range for interiors satisfies any coating requirement, both industrial and artisanal, and includes:

  • Clear and pigmented base-coats
  • Clear and pigmented matt and semi-glossy self-sealers
  • Matt clear and pigmented top-coats
  • Pigmented glossy top-coats

If you look for soft to the touch, such as the soft touch or silk effect surfaces, specific solutions are available in the product range.

Application systems: manual, automatic, electrostatic spray, curtain coater, brush, manual roller, dipping, flow coating.

Fields of use: furniture, doors and sidings, floors and stairs, furnishing accessories.


  • Toys regulation UNI EN 71/3
  • Scratch e Super Scratch Resistance UNI EN 15186
  • Abrasion Resistance UNI EN 15185
  • Cold liquid resistance UNI EN 12720
  • Polishing Resistance UNI EN 16611
  • Euroclasse UNI EN 13501

*for some products in the Range

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