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Color World

Color represents a real means of expression and ILVA has always created perfect coating solutions to be surrounded by any desired colour. ILVA coatings for wood and other materials allow you to give space to your imagination with pigmented, semi-hiding or tinted, metallic colors which can all be realized in water-based and solvent-based products for interiors and exteriors of the Tintometric System available at ILVA Dealers.


ILVA TINTOMETRIC SYSTEM allows you to create a very wide range of water-based and solvent-based products for interiors and exteriors in all the desired pigmented, semi-hiding and tinted colors. The system includes more than 15,000 color formulas that can be created with over 40 products: this means being able to choose – among more than 600,000 color formulas – the one that best suits your needs!
The pastes used are formulated with special high quality pigments to guarantee maximum resistance of the colors to light and heat and perfect stability over time.
ILVA TINTOMETRIC SYSTEM ensures excellent reliability and precision in color reproduction over time.

Reference color charts:

  • NCS 1950 colors
  • RAL 213 colours
  • RAL Design 1,625 colours
  • PANTONE COATING 1,729 colors
  • Other folders among the most popular in the world over 11,000 colors
  • ILVA INSPIRATION, a special selection of 12 tinted colors and 24 semi-hiding colors for outdoor products