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ILVA Wood coatings is a brand of the IVM Multinational Group, one of the largest and most important groups in Europe and in the world, leader in the production of wood coatings. The history of ILVA is a long history of passion for beauty and it is characterized by a constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the field of wood coatings, and attention to man and the environment.

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Ilva products are born

ILVA products were born in 1946, in Brianza, a region north of Milan known throughout the world as a district of excellence in the Wood-Furniture sector, since the end of the 1700s.


Up to 1960

Between 1945 and 1960, Brianza leads the great development of the furniture industry at European level. It is in this reality that Ilva Polimeri has its roots. It immediately joined the various entrepreneurial realities of the Wood-Furniture sector, understanding their needs and expectations, and supporting them in their growth path.



lva Polimeri joins IVM group

A great collaboration begins which will lead the ILVA brand to be a leader on the international market.

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1989 - to date

ILVA consolidates its presence abroad with the opening of the Group's international offices.
Today ILVA products are distributed in over 100 countries


Production Plant

Research and Development