Ilva s.r.l.

Viale della Stazione, 3
27020 Parona (PV), Italia

Tel: +39 - 0384 25441
Fax: +39 - 0384 252054

ILVA offers the world of planning and design endless coating solutions, with excellent, innovative and sustainable functionality and aesthetic qualities.

The team of ILVA Researchers and Technicians is available for architects and interior designers to turn their ideas into reality with completely unexpected solutions, studied on specific needs of use and technical, tactile and visual performance.

Creating innovative effects capable of combining decorative aspects with functional and sustainable ones is the main objective of ILVA Researchers and Technicians who lead professionals in the discovery of a constantly evolving range, capable of surprising for the infinite and often ignored possibilities that coatings can offer. Thanks to their profound technical know-how, they listen to and interpret individual needs, translating them into new formulations