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Our sustainable commitment

IVM Group, of which ILVA is a part, has always been committed to developing and managing all its activities with the utmost respect for ecology and attention to human health, aiming at the constant reduction of the environmental impact of all its processes, products and services.

The deep sensitivity towards problems relating to the environment, ecology and human health is reflected in company policies aimed at guaranteeing high standards of safety and protection even higher than those imposed by the strictest regulations.

Parona plant

The Parona plant in Italy was designed and built to guarantee production standards among the highest in the world in compliance with sustainable development.  

Production without release of polluting emissions

Production takes place without the release of polluting emissions into the atmosphere: all processes, right from the arrival of the raw materials, are managed in a closed cycle; in the final packaging phase, all the air deriving from the process of pouring the product into the packaging is captured and "cleaned" by a sophisticated cryogenic system, and then released into the environment completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Automated plants

The extreme automation of the plants makes it possible to minimize the contact of people with industrial devices and equipment, thus significantly reducing their exposure to possible accident hazards.


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