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27020 Parona (PV), Italia

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The production plant in Parona (PV) - Italy

ILVA products are made in Italy in the innovative Parona plant near Milan, which spreads over a vast area of more than 15 hectares. In terms of size and design architecture, it is one of the most modern and important sites for the production of coatings in the world. The production follows certified processes, to guarantee quality and consistency.

The production plants have been designed and built to guarantee production standards among the highest in the world, both in terms of quantity and quality. These aspects are fundamental in a sector, such as the chemical one, strongly conditioned by issues related to safety and environmental hygiene. The production processes are largely automated with the precise aim of improving the quality of the manufacturing and of the finished products, and at the same time significantly reducing the production and management costs, in full compliance with the legislation on personal and environmental safety.


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