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What we look for in a collaborator

The Chairman of the IVM Group, Adriano Teso, illustrates the fundamental and unavoidable values that must be necessarily shared by anybody who wants to work with us.

Before getting in touch with the IVM Group, regardless of the position you are interested in, you should consider whether you fully agree with the statements below. This is essential for us.

  • I have a high ethical sense. I am convinced that, in addition to complying with the laws, my behavior must be based on sound moral principles, respecting and collaborating with all people, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin and religion, being true to my word and any agreement.
  • I have chosen the future I want for me and my family. I am aware of my priorities, the balance between work and private life that I want to achieve, and my limits, and I will not undertake commitments that are incompatible with them. Once I have fixed my objectives, I pursue them with commitment, clarity in relationships and determination. I do NOT put off till tomorrow what I can decide and do today.
  • I am looking for a stable collaboration over the years, being aware that the investment in long-term activities, plans and projects are the bases for sound and long-lasting growth and success.
  • I know that to achieve the important satisfactions, not only economic ones, that may be given by work, it is necessary to invest energy, passion, commitment and availability that are not fully covered by the terms of a contract.
  • I know that my work, like the work of any service provider, is assessed by the results achieved (the best product and service at the lowest cost) and not by “good will”, which is, on the other hand, the rule I apply when I spend my money. As a Customer, I select, reward and dismiss the person who is not the best.
  • I desire to learn, study, know and improve constantly, also through training, the results of my work, since I am convinced that “you never stop learning” and that we measure ourselves against the entire world.
  • As for the position I am interested in, I have the necessary educational and technical qualifications, and the knowledge and experience required to achieve the results that I am asked for.

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