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Velvet Diamond

The top-coat that turns wood into a velvety
surface with perfect scratch resistance

From the ILVA laboratories comes Velvet Diamond TS168, the polyurethane top-coat that turns wood into a soft surface with perfect scratch resistance: a Velvet Diamond.
The “soft touch” effect top-coats, appreciated for the aesthetic and tactile features they give to coated elements, have until now been reserved for a few furnishing elements: their limited surface hardness did not make them, in fact, suitable for applications that require adequate resistance to scratches and abrasions.

With Velvet Diamond, it is finally possible to think of modern furniture, profiles, doors, flat parts and home accessories that combine the particular aesthetic and tactile effect (a combination of what is known as “rubber” and those known as “peach skin”, “silk” or “velvety”) with an absolute resistance to marks and scratches.

Its qualities, combined with compliance with the EN 71/3 standard, make it particularly appreciated for children’s bedrooms and toys.

The Velvet Diamond clear and satin top-coat can be combined with all polyurethane and polyester sealers in clear, stained or pigmented cycles.

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