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Silver Power

Top-coats with sanitizing effect

SILVER POWER is the wide range of ILVA water-based and solvent-based sanitizing products that revolutionize the sanitization concept of surfaces by limiting the proliferation of bacteria, and is the ideal solution for environments where hygiene is an essential requirement, such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms for children, but also public places dedicated to catering and food processing such as bars, restaurants or canteens.
SILVER POWER sanitizing top-coats make any coated surface safe forever, making the use of sanitizing products unnecessary.

The special formulation integrates the sanitizing particles and blocks the development of bacteria reducing their proliferation by 99%*.
The sanitizing action of the SILVER POWER top-coats is distributed uniformly over the entire coated surface and can be cleaned with normal detergents.

The SILVER POWER top-coats are available both in the clear version and in all desired colors, and can satisfy every application requirement guaranteeing excellent results.
The extreme versatility allows you to create cycles of all technologies (UV, polyurethane, acrylic, water-based)
All products in the SILVER POWER range also comply with the EN 71/3 standard relating to the content of heavy metals.

*(test according to ISO22196 standard)

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