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Stains for wood

The staining of wood highlights the grain and pores, uniforms the differences in shades of the substrate and reduces color changes over time. Thanks to coating, even the most common wood essences enhance their beauty.

ILVA product range includes a complete choice of water-based and solvent-based stains, in an infinite number of colors and shades, which can be applied both by spray and by cloth and with industrial systems.

Water-based stains

Providing good clarity on solid wood turned items.

Water-based stains with a positive effect

They selectively stain the "hard" structure of coniferous woods, enhancing the natural pattern of the grain.

Solvent-based stains

Suitable for ennobling the various wood essences, they ensure a uniform appearance of the colour

Resin-free stains

Solvent-based stains that can be thinned with water or solvent, providing excellent clarity.

Water-based and solvent-based antiquing patinas

Perfect to create antiqued and decapé effects.

Water-based and solvent-based glazes

Particularly suitable for a perfectly homogeneous coloring of the substrate, even in the presence of woods of different nature and quality: they are ideal to achieve an antiqued effect.

Concentrated dyes

They can be added directly to clear polyurethane and nitrocellulose base-coats and top-coats in small quantities, to give soft nuances to wood.

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