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Polyurethane coatings

Featuring excellent versatility of use and exceptional chemical-physical resistance, clear and pigmented polyurethane coatings for wood allow to obtain surfaces with different aesthetic and performance results.

The range of ILVA polyurethane coatings satisfies any coating need, both industrial and artisanal, and it includes:

  •  Insulators
  •  Clear and pigmented base-coats
  • Clear matt top-coats
  • Clear or pigmented matt and glossy top-coats. 

 If you look for particular aesthetic results such as the embossed, wax, mother-of-pearl and metallic effect, specific solutions are available. All ILVA polyurethane coatings are also available in the Silver Power sanitizing version.

Application systems: manual, automatic, electrostatic spray, curtain coater. For industrial and artisanal use.
Fields of use: furniture, doors and sidings, floors and stairs, furnishing accessories


  • BioPAINT
  • GreenGuard
  • Toys regulation UNI EN 71/3
  • Aromatic Free
  • Formaldéhyde Free
  • Ozone Care VOC275
  • Scratch e Super Scratch Resistance UNI EN 15186
  • Abrasion Resistance UNI EN 15185
  • Cold liquid resistance UNI EN 12720
  • Polishing Resistance UNI EN 16611
  • Euroclasse UNI EN 13501 e IMO

*for some products in the Range

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