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Fire resistant coatings

FLAMER is the range of ILVA wood coatings which ensures maximum protection from fire, helping to slow down the spread of flames, Flamer minimizes the emission of fumes and facilitates fire extinguishing.

The FLAMER range is suitable for clear and pigmented solvent and water-based coating cycles, certified according to current international standards with the maximum score achievable for a wood coating.

COATING CYCLES compliant with the following Standards:

  • UNI EN 13501-1 Euroclass, European standard that applies to building elements, items and flooring
  • Italian UNI 9796 Class 1, released by the Ministry of the Interior, applies to manufactured articles and classifies materials into 6 classes: from 0 (non-combustible) to 5 (easily flammable)
  • IMO MED, standard that applies to furnishings and interior elements in the naval sector (link to certificate)
  • NF P92-501 French standard that applies to building elements
  • ASTM E84 American standard that applies to building elements

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