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Clear polyurethane top-coats with very high opacity
and maximum resistance to polishing

From the ILVA Laboratories comes a real innovation in matt top-coats for wood. EVERMATT ILVA, clear polyurethane top-coats with very low sheen and excellent resistance to polishing. Each piece of furniture will become elegantly opaque and extremely resistant to polishing and stress, a fundamental requirement for the lasting beauty of each piece of furniture with a matte top-coat. 

Tests carried out on surfaces coated with EVERMATT Ilva have shown excellent chemical resistance and mechanical resistance to stress which are decidedly higher than those of traditional matte polyurethane coatings.

EVERMATT Ilva is available in two different opacities (4 gloss – 10 gloss) and is suitable for both clear and pigmented systems.

EVERMATT Ilva top-coats can be combined with all polyurethane and polyester sealers in clear, stained or pigmented coating cycles for doors, modern furniture and furnishing accessories.

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