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Coatings for exteriors

ILVA water-based and solvent-based coatings for exteriors guarantee maximum protection for wood, enhancing its beauty and prolonging its durability. They prevent the development of fungi and molds, and keep away the threat of bacteria and insects that could damage it and compromise its structural stability. They make it resistant to atmospheric agents even in the most extreme conditions, and defend it from the harmful action of UV rays.
They represent the ideal protection for all types of wood commonly used outdoors, and are suitable for the most diverse coating cycles and all application systems.

ILVA outdoor product range satisfies any coating requirement, both industrial and artisanal, and includes:

  • Water-based pre-impregnators: they act deep into the wood, guarantee uniformity in coloring and facilitate the flow of color.
    Water-based and solvent-based impregnators: they impregnate wood fibers and protect wood from biological and atmospheric agents, UV rays and humidity.
  • Water-based and solvent-based base-coats: they fill the substrate and protect it, promoting adhesion of the top-coat
  • Water-based and solvent-based top-coats: they perform a protective action against UV rays and atmospheric agents, and give the desired aesthetic appearance.
  • Unico: combines impregnator, base-coat and top-coat in a single water-based product.

ILVA coating solutions for exteriors are available in clear, tinted, semi-hiding or pigmented versions, in different opacities and aesthetic effects.

Application systems: manual spray, automatic, dipping, flow coating, automatic impregnating machine, brush, manual roller, sponge, cloth

Fields of use: windows and doors, shutters, structural elements and flooring, fences, bardage, cabins, wood houses, playgrounds, garden furniture, gazebos


  • CQA
  • CQA Plus
  • Premium CATAS WKI
  • Premium Plus WKI
  • NF Fenêtre wood
  • Toy standard UNI EN 71/3
  • Non-slip UNE 4190

*for some products in the Range

The outdoor product range is completed with the following products:

  • Additives: used to improve specific properties, they can be added to impregnators, base-coats and top-coats.
  • Vegetal and synthetic oils: they revive the color the wood and protect it from mould, fungi, UV rays and atmospheric agents. Some oils are specific for maintenance.
  • Detergents: specific for washing painting equipment.
  • Sealing pastes: useful to seal junction edges in windows and shutters
  • Ordinary maintenance products: ideal for periodic maintenance interventions on items exposed to the sun and bad weather, in order to keep wood in perfect condition.
  • Extraordinary maintenance products: ideal for extraordinary maintenance interventions, when there is a need to restore artifacts damaged over time.

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