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Absolute White

Ivory White, Antique White, Titanium White, Milky White, Zinc White, Ghost White, Smoke White, Floral White, Cream White, Snow White, Optical White, Ice White, Off White, Pearl White… White is a color with many nuances.

To obtain the same perfect point of white on the whole surface and also on those made with material supports. ILVA presents PLG5130, the glossy polyurethane top-coat with an extraordinary whiteness, to create closed-pore solutions.

Resistances, evaluated according to the following tests:

  • UNI EN 15187: excellent resistance to yellowing
  • UNI EN 9300: excellent resistance to dirt
  • UNI EN 12720: excellent resistance to liquids (*)

(*) acetone, ammonia, cleaning products, cola, water, beer, coffee, tea, milk, vinegar, mustard, butter, oil, fruit juice

The PLG5130 top-coat is applied flat by manual, automatic spray or curtain coater.


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