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Bio Paint

Chemistry and sustainability have always been intertwined in the R&D projects of the ILVA Laboratories, to anticipate and innovate in a market which is in constant search for more sustainable solutions for the Environment and for Man.

BIO-Paint ILVA is the range of coatings, made with raw materials derived from biomass, with a high content of bio-renewable carbon out of total organic carbon*.

The evolution of innovative research has enabled ILVA Laboratories to reach new milestones in the development of wood coatings thanks to formulations containing raw materials from bio-renewable sources and low emissions.

BIO-Paint solvent-based products ensure performance comparable to that of traditional solvent-based products (chemical/physical resistance, product durability, aesthetics, quality).

Thanks to their extremely low VOC emissions, products in the BIO-Paint solvent range contribute to the protection of the environment and human health and ensure minimal impact even when the manufactured product reaches the end of its life.
*The % of bio-renewable carbon is mathematically calculated on the formula of the Product not mixed with the second components (for Polyurethanic and Acrylic the calculation is made on the nonvolatile component)

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